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The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Back in november 2019 the Danish UNESCO ASP network had invited young students and their teachers from 8 different countries to be active participants in a Global Camp in Denmark – hosted by The Global Citizenship Network of Danish UNESCO SDG Schools.

Back in September and October 2019 there was an online preparation and cooperation in pairs between the Danish UNESCO schools and their international partner schools.  The preparation is what you are able to read about on this page.

The participants arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday the 26th of October – and departed on Saturday the 2nd of November 2019. The participants spend 4 – 5 days in Copenhagen and 3 days in eight different locations/towns in Denmark.

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The Quest

Together with a partner school/class you are going on a quest to find out why the Global Goals are considered to be the most important goals in the history of mankind – and what you can do to contribute to achieve the Goals.



On your quest you will meet some challenges that you must surmount to become a goalkeeper. If you managed all the challenges you will get a goalkeeper certificate[1] in Copenhagen.

For instance you will have to examine:

  • Your school
  • Your knowledge about the world
  • The content and importance of the Global Goals
  • What you and your school can do to contribute to achieve the Global Goals

The idea is that the two partner schools coordinate their efforts in order to work with each of the four challenges at the same time and present and comment/discuss their work with each other after each challenge.

You are welcome to use whichever communication platform you prefer. However, if you and your partner school are not familiar with any platforms, Youth Town can assist you in using Padlet for your online communication.

[1] Inspired by Bill and Melinda Gates Goalkeeper Foundation. “Goalkeepers is dedicated to accelerating progress towards the Global Goals”.

Start by reading the Teacher travel guide and Learner travel guide below: 

Teacher Travel Guide
Learner travel guide