WUVI Radio Interview Jan30.2017 Danish TST Students.Pt1

Exclusive interview on VI Perspectives of the "Transfer of 1917", Reparations and Danish-Caribbean-American Relations with Næstved Gymnasium/High School Students of Denmark and UVI COM classes;

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Visitors from the US Virgin Islands

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In 2014 we finally succeeded in having visitors from the US Virgin Islands in connection with our annual TST-meeting, which was held at Christianshavns Gymnasium on September 29-30.

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Slavery – Online Tragedy

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Children born of slave mothers in the West Indies had two possibilities: They died before they reached the age of five, or they grew up to a life of drudgery in the sugar cane fields or in the town.

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Website: The Slave Trade and the District of Christianshavn


At the annual TST conference at Christianshavns Gymnasium in September 2014, being a former teacher of history at the school, I had the pleasure of introducing the participants and our West-Indian visitors to a new website:

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Race – A Sensitive Issue on the US Agenda?


Racial issue was one of the questions 2t decided to look into on the study tour in April 2014 to Washington DC and Georgetown in South Carolina.

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Collaboration Communication Creativity & Critical Thinking

Using the TST to Create 21st Century Student Engagement Opportunities.

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Our Quest for Knowledge 2016

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Welcome to our blog where we take you with us on a journey of discovery.

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